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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine at Aldergrove Physiotherapy

Elite athletes and pro teams keep a physiotherapist on staff or on call. Why? Because they know how important Sports Medicine is for athletic performance.

Regular physiotherapy and consultation with a registered physiotherapist at Aldergrove Physiotherapy help you stay in shape and at peak performance levels. Also, a physiotherapy Sports Medicine routine reduces your risk of injuries and strains, keeps your energy up, and provides comprehensive treatment if you get injured.

Maintaining Athletic Performance with Sports Medicine in Aldergrove

Intense physical activity of any sort places an immense amount of stress on your body. Whenever you throw or kick a ball or run down the court or field, your muscles take on tiny injuries, and your tendons strain to keep you moving.

Sports medicine at Aldergrove Physiotherapy helps you manage the intense stress to your body, so you don’t cause any permanent damage. Athletes who want to stay in optimal condition for every practice and every game or competition use comprehensive sports medicine services.

How is Sports Medicine Different from Regular Physiotherapy?

Most regular physiotherapy focuses on recovery and maintenance from an injury or condition. Sports Medicine uses a broader focus with other professionals to get and keep your body in peak athletic condition.

Sports Medicine often includes services from physiotherapists, nutritionists, athletic trainers, and even your family doctor. All these specialties work together to oversee your health and well-being and prepare your body for the next sports challenge.

For example, a long-distance runner needs different nutrition than a football player or a weightlifter. And young athletes have extensive nutritional requirements while they are still growing.  

Contact Aldergrove Physiotherapy

Regular physiotherapy and consultation with your Sports Medicine experts at Aldergrove Physiotherapy help you be ready for the next big game or competition. Stay in the game with fewer injuries and strains, and get back on the field with comprehensive treatment if you do get injured. Call today!

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