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Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation at Aldergrove Physiotherapy

Facing surgery? Whether for a sudden injury or a chronic issue, physiotherapy can help you recover from surgery completely and more quickly. Your physiotherapist at Aldergrove Physiotherapy will work closely with your physician and your surgeon. We take a team approach to your recovery.

After a thorough assessment, your physiotherapist will custom design a program to help you increase your activity level, strength, and range of motion. The goal is to help you return to your active life as quickly as possible.

Physiotherapy at Aldergrove Physiotherapy offers rehabilitation for post-surgical patients from surgeries like:

  • Total hip replacement
  • Shoulder Rotator cuff repair
  • Ankle reconstruction
  • Total knee replacement
  • Elbow reconstruction
  • Spine surgery
  • Shoulder replacement

How Can Physiotherapy Help After Joint Surgery?

After your joint surgery, you’ll find the physiotherapists at Aldergrove Physiotherapy offer a supportive, healing environment.

Post-surgical rehabilitation physiotherapy aims to help you regain the greatest functional level possible. Physiotherapy is supportive in healing in these areas:

Pain Management – Your physiotherapist will implement your custom treatment plan with soft tissue techniques, gentle joint mobilizations, and other therapy aids to help you manage your pain.

Avoids Muscle Wastage – Specific exercises ensure muscle wastage is kept to a minimum. You will start early and work through a progressive series of tailored exercises to keep pace with your improvement. Less muscle wastage means reduced recovery times. 

Reduces Formation of Scar Tissue – Scar tissue can reduce your range of motion and cause pain. Physiotherapy techniques can reduce scar tissue formation and help desensitize affected nerves.

Improves Functional Ability – A physiotherapy rehabilitation program helps restore and improve your functional ability. Most often, your physiotherapist will recommend a combination of modalities to improve your function in a graduated way without aggravating your condition. 

Increases Joint Stability – Physiotherapy can help regain joint stability with neuromuscular training and specific exercises.

Education – Physiotherapists help you by providing education so you don’t feel so in the dark about your condition. Your physiotherapist will provide you with post-surgery information on how to manage your recovery. They will help you with issues like:

  • Understanding your surgery. What is the normal healing process? What are typical recovery times?
  • Modifications to activities of daily living
  • Possible complications after surgery
  • Effective pain and recovery management strategies
  • How to use mobility aids like crutches, canes, or walkers
  • How to avoid aggravating the joint

Contact Us at Aldergrove Physiotherapy as early as possible. Talk to us before or after your surgery about Post-Surgical Rehabilitation in Aldergrove.

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