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PHYSIOTHERAPY at Aldergrove Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is the core of what we do here at Aldergrove Physiotherapy. This rehabilitative specialty uses hands-on motions and mechanical forces. Your trained physiotherapist uses techniques proven to heal injuries and restore functional mobility.

Steps for Successful Physiotherapy

While your physiotherapist always customizes your treatment to your needs, physiotherapy consists of a few steps that are the same for every patient.

Step 1 – Physiotherapy Assessment

The first step is a thorough assessment of your injury or condition by your licensed, experienced physiotherapist. This exam starts with a history of your medical situation. Many pain patients remark that they finally feel “heard” after talking with their physiotherapist at Aldergrove Physiotherapy.

Step 2 – Customized Recovery Treatment Plan

Everyone is different, and everyone’s body is different. The same diagnosis of an injury or condition impacts everyone differently. And patients respond to the same therapy differently, too.

That’s why it is so important that your physiotherapist develops a unique, customized recovery treatment plan for you, your injury or condition, and your lifestyle. Your plan will include a combination of hands-on therapy and modalities to promote the healing of your injuries or manage your conditions. Therapies can include electrical stimulation, ultrasound, low-laser therapy and joint mobilization, joint manipulations, and IMS, among many other elements.

Your physiotherapist performs ongoing assessments as you recover. Your therapies and treatment schedule may change as you progress. Ultimately, our goal is to allow you to get back to your normally active lifestyle as quickly as possible.

Step 3 – Exercise and Education

You will likely have homework between your visits here at Aldergrove Physiotherapy. Your physiotherapist will develop a specific set of exercises to speed your healing, support your mobility, and reduce the number of visits you’ll need.

You’ll also receive information about your condition, so you know how to move forward reducing the risk of future pain or injury.

In Summary

The trained and experienced physiotherapists at Aldergrove Physiotherapy will help you get back to your normal lifestyle as quickly as possible. Call today for more information about how physiotherapy can help your condition or injury.


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